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Listen, learn, share, and be heard. Ask me anything. Participate in authentic relating and exploring what there is to be said. Questions are welcome in this co-creative process. This is a safe place for feeling whatever there is to be felt. 

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Topics of interest:

  • If you are apart of a marginalized group, community, culture, tribe, or sacred practice -- I want to speak with you. I believe in celebrating culture without appropriating or extracting it. Using inclusion to bring awareness and voice to the things that people want to share so that it can be represented authentically. This includes decisions that happen in groups where everyone has a voice in what happens with what is captured and how it is shared.

  • Helping people connect with themselves, each other, and the earth

  • Bridging politics and sustainability

  • How to live at the intersection between science and spirituality

  • Seeing the bigger picture and integrating it

  • How to embody healthy masculinity

  • practices for attracting love in ways that are separate from addiction and ownership

  • Understanding what words do for and against people

  • Bridging the gap between where people are and where they want to be

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